11 Things that attract ghosts, and you’d better pay close attention

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Ghosts are believed to be spirits which haven’t found their true place in the cosmos.

They are known to be trapped in between two worlds either because of some unfinished business or because they suffered something so brutal that the soul broke and could not move to the beyond.

These spirits, which are trapped in this world, then haunt the places where they see weakness in hopes of revenge.

Negative energy lures them closer and the following 11 things are believed to hold an extremely strong attraction for a spirit which has lost its way.

#1 Violence

Violence begets violence and any place which has seen violence accumulates negative energy. Brutality, cruelty etc. are things that break the human soul and ghosts are known to sense the broken spirits.

Places with a history of violence are often known to be haunted and it is the pull of pain that tempts them towards the place.

#2 Deep Sadness

Ghosts are often known to haunt people with deep sadness within them. People who have lost all hope and have lost reasons to live are often extremely weak in their being as they have fought way too hard for way too long.

Ghosts, it is believed, are attracted towards these weaker souls in order to possess their bodies as their soul cannot defend against the evil spirits.

#3 Anger

A house which has seen anger, a person whose soul is angry or a family which has nothing but anger in their hearts are highly susceptible to ghostly intrusions.

The negative energy radiated via anger lures these evil souls and they find the weak disposition of people who are angry easy to haunt and possess.

#4 Suicide

Death is one of the strongest force which attracts ghosts. Suicide, especially, is believed to be one of the biggest sins one can commit and hence places which have seen suicides are usually haunted.

Also, the negative energy permeated by suicides tend to remain in that place making the place inhospitable for living for generations to come.

#5 Abuse

Houses which have seen abuses like rape, violence, manhandling etc. are hotspots of negativity. They are filled with the pain of human souls and the sadness permeates within the walls.

People who have abused have no love in their hearts to shield them while those who get abused feel the loss of love even more so, making them highly susceptible towards a ghost intrusion.


#6 Rage

Rage is the extreme form of anger and it quite often results in abuse, pain, sadness and hurt. All of these are consequences of rage which have been put into action.

Ghosts, it is believed, find such conditions highly suitable for their own purposes and could often be observed lingering in the vicinity.

#7 Murder

Murder is the prime example of hatred and rage coming together to commit a grave sin. Places which have seen murder and people who have committed murders are one of the most gullible when it comes to a haunting.

The sadness in the place and in the hearts of the murderers lure the spirits like a moth to a flame.

#8 Hatred

Hate, envy, jealousy etc. are some of the most negative emotions humans are capable of. These emotions are also extremely attractive for spirits which thrive on negativity and feed on the weaknesses of the human heart.

Places which have witnessed hate and people who have hated with pleasure are highly susceptible towards a ghostly intrusion.

#9 Anxiety

An anxious heart is a troubled heart and a heart which cannot fight against the attacks of an evil soul. It is a weak heart which can be haunted easily and the evil that persists finds it quite natural to attack a soul filled with anxiety.

#10 Disease

Diseases weaken a body which in turn weakens the mind. A weak body and a weak mind imply a weak soul which is about to lose the will to live.

The negativity and the weakness of human composition make it an ideal attraction for ghosts and they haunt these souls with extreme prejudice.

#11 Loneliness

Lonely hearts are sad hearts. They have pain in their souls and their spirits are close to being broken. They are weak as they have suffered at the hands of the ones they loved the most.

Their souls no longer feel any warmth and this attracts ghosts to possess their bodies and haunt their thoughts.

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