14 Indian Names Which Will Make You Laugh Really Hard

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Our name speaks volumes about our identity, in many cases it is the first contact we have with the outer world. Our names convey our personality but in India, we guess this cannot work. Indians are really way too dramatic and emotional when it comes to taking care of their kids and this can be seen here in a few examples where people have really weird names given to them by none other than their dear loving family. After Tinky, Inky, Ladoo, now we have a new and dirty collection of names. So let’s get started.

  1. Even though it’s a surname, I can feel the level of awkwardness when he must be addressed as ‘Mr. Boob’.

2. So France and Germany unite here

3. What’s wrong with the world!

4. Please Karwa Lo

5. That moment when ‘Tera toh naam lena bhi gaali jaisa hai‘ turns out to be true

6.Well, now that’s one heck of a cultural diversity

7. And I love this kind of a Mirchi


8. Oh really? Too much of it is bad btw

9. Ab ki baar?

Image result for dr modi sarkar


10. When even your parents know who you truly are

11. *Face Palm*

12. No matter how hard you study, the world will always know that you are this!

13. After all that, Pyare? Seriously?

14. Anal too comes with a surname nowWTF Indian Names You Won't Believe Exist


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