13 Then And Now Pictures Of Popular TV Actors

TV industry is one of the most fluctuating industry. If you see an actress in one serial, it’s not necessary that you would see her again quickly. So changing of their appearance is very common and one of the most expected thing. And yes this list is about those actress who went under commendable changes. 1. Mouni Roy in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: A perfect example how TV actress could go under such transformation. She is one of the most successful and most talented actress right now. 2.…

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US Woman Visits Goa & Got Sexually Assaulted. Her Facebook Post Helped Cops Arrest The Pervert

Our country is developing but women’s safety is still a major concern in India and gruesome crimes taking place against females on a regular basis prove the statement to be true. Not only women of the nation but foreigners also feel unsafe here and a very unpleasant incident recently happened with a woman from New York. We are talking about Melody Gambion who lately came to India and had been to Goa for celebrating the Republic day weekend. She came here for good memories but returned with horrible experience of…

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10 Juicy Secrets Spilled By A Bodyguard Of A Celebrity

Being a bodyguard of someone is not an easy job, and being a bodyguard of a celebrity is all the more a tougher one. The job of a celebrity bodyguard is such that at any moment’s notice, he or she must be able to take on and separate the obsessive fans from the so-called regular fans, tend to a broken ankle on a private hike, or move luggage, etc. Indeed it is quite a tough job. However, we will not be talking about their job here in this article. What…

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Dear future husband, please don’t judge me for these 7 things

Please don’t judge me for my choices… Did you ever wonder why some people find the perfect husband and a few others end up with the wrong person? Being a modern girl, I have a certain set of expectations from my would-be husband that will eventually help us strengthen our relationship in long term. Because, everyone wants to find their ‘happily ever after’, right? So, dear future husband, before judging me for the choice I make in life, here is what you need to read ​My past relationships I have…

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Bollywood is filled with glamour and beauty. Hands-down, every actress in Bollywood is blessed with beauty, charm and star quotient. All these things makes us fall in love with them. Seems, like beauty and glamour runs in the genes of our Bollywood actresses, their siblings are equally beautiful and stunning. Well, today we bring you some amazing facts about this star-sibling who has taken the internet by storm. Her pictures are making rounds on the internet and have gone viral. And you’ll be surprised that she is giving tough competition…

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13 Reasons Why Most Men Won’t Handle A Strong Independent Woman

A strong independent woman can either be a strong man’s best dream or a weak one’s worst nightmare. It completely depends on how you unleash her. As tempting as it sounds to be with a strong woman, it might not be as easy to handle them firstly because most men confuse ‘handling’ a strong woman with ‘controlling’ them. Only a wise man can treat a strong woman like a queen and still keep her head in place. To specify more, here are the 13 reasons why men won’t handle a…

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Tom Cruise Shares Gruesome Slo-Mo Video Showing How He Broke His Leg While Filming MissionImpossible 6

Action films and sequences are quite exciting to watch on the movie screens, but we hardly know the effort that it takes to shoot them. Not all the time, the actors perform the stunts themselves. There are body doubles who take the risk for them, and of course, their job is riskier than ever. That is one of the reasons why Akshay Kumar launched a scheme for stuntmen. Cut to, Tom Cruise, the actor who often performs stunts in his movies on his own. He has done several death-defying scenes…

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Do Not Marry a Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

Tying the knot with the person who does not even come close to the Mr. Ideal you have imagined can be one of the worst mistakes of your life. It is indeed very difficult to be with someone who doesn’t value and respect you and your choices, aspirations and dreams. It is not at all a crime to evaluate people, and it is very essential to do so in case of someone that you’re willing to marry! A few mannerisms are listed below, and if the person you’re thinking about…

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8 Philosophical Thought Experiments That I Illustrated To Broaden Your Mind

I am a philosopher with a background in art (which I studied as an undergraduate). Philosophers use thought experiments, short stories that bring out intuitions. It is often not possible to do these experiments in real life, but by doing them in our heads we can learn something new about the nature of reality, about right and wrong, the existence of God and many other topics. In this series, I’ve brought some thought experiments to life from various traditions. All drawings are made with Paper 53, the iPad drawing app,…

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The story of me becoming a slut….

I’m a 28 year old woman in Tamil nadu, India. 4 years back I was orphaned by the death of my widow mother. I had no options to live, I studied only till 12th standard. This is the time when I was cornered by my dad’s old friends, who offered me a living in exchange for my body. I had no choice in that part of my life when I had to accept it. They gave me 10k per night to fuck a guy. Even now I regret doing that…

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