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Do You Know How Much Money Porn Stars Really Make?

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Porn is still considered a taboo topic, despite considering how open-minded the world has become. People believe that porn is corrupting the society and is an interpretation of our depraved fantasies. They believe that sex is a private act and selling one’s body to make money and become porn stars is shameful and illegal. Well. people of this thinking pattern should move to countries where porn is actually forbidden.

It is not at all easy being a porn star because over the last few years business has changed drastically. As you know there are 4.2 million pornography websites, that’s 12% of the entire internet. Many of the stars are in search of work, as there are many companies, declining pay rates, due to the strong market competitions, where profit margins have reduced for them. Most of the stars make money through various other sources, like dancing in strip clubs, live webcams chatting, product endorsements or escorting.

In today’s world, where men are paid exorbitantly, the world of porn is a little different. It’s the female stars, who make more money than their male counterparts.


The career of female porn stars is short and the career of male stars exist longer if they consistently remain hard.

Top female porn stars of the industry manage to make $350,000 a year, while top male performers make more than $100,000 annually.

Female porn stars can make money up to $2,000 a night doing feature dancing at strip clubs.


A male porn star doing straight porn can make around $500 to $600, whereas, gay porn pays three times that money.

Jenna Jameson is the most famous and richest adult film stars of all time, earning an estimated $30 million annually and has her own brand of sex toys and earns $2000 per night performing at strip clubs.

Hillary Scott is currently the highest paid star, having a $1 million four-year contract with Sex Z pictures, which is $250,000 a year.

Top agents make money around $250,000 a year from their 10 to 15 percent takes. They handle the stars financial deals and help them set up personal websites. They advise them on plastic surgery procedures and arrange for their transportation.

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