8 Indian Brands Which Are Much Better Than Their Western Counterparts!

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We Indians are pros at giving a solid competition to the west in almost everything. While we like to learn from the west we like making the west learn from us even more. The same is with brands and we can proudly say that our Indian brands can give their western counterparts a serious run for their money!

People in India have a thing for western brands even if the Indian versions may be better and cheaper.

We just want to exhibit ourselves in a manner where we seem as western as possible. Let’s try to create a contrast between western brands and their Indian counterparts which are way better and pocket friendly. We’re just tempted by fancy names! Let’s be Indians enough and use Indian!

1- Rum

Ok Rum is an IMFL though but it’s ok! We would only call Rum a desi Indian daru! Old Monk is a legend and no matter how much people might want to argue Bacardi from Bermuda is better but it is just water in front of our very own Old Monk. We Indians love our own Daru!

2- Condoms

Ehh! Don’t shy away! You know it, Kamasutra from India is the best in bed. Durex from the United Kingdom isn’t anywhere even close to our Bhartiya brand!

3- Cold Drinks

Has coke been of any good rather than making pegs with it? It’s good enough to add to your whiskey or rum but can you taste the thunder with coke? Thunder is and shall always be a Thumbs Up thing! With Thumbs up we like to keep things ‘Toofani’

Alright we know that you know the fact that coke now owns Thumbs Up but a little cheating is allowed ! We didn’t do a 100 crores scam, did we ?

4- Cosmetics

We don’t think much before choosing our cosmetics. If it’s a fancy foreign name we would just go for it! Typical Indians!

But if you’ve to choose between Himalaya and L’Oréal would you just choose L’Oréal because it French?


Doesn’t the name Himalaya seem more relatable and rejuvenating?

5- Coffee

Who says India is all about ‘Chai’? Indians love coffee as much as the west does and our Cafe Coffee Day suits our pocket for our lust of caffeine just perfectly.

Waking out of CCD after a cup of coffee is like a feel good factor but after you pay that hefty bill at Starbucks from the U.S you start to calculate your budget for the remaining week and find yourself in regrets already. Be Indian, be pocket friendly!

6- Cigarettes

‘Chai and Sutta’, do you know a better combination? We are patriotic, aren’t we? Why would we let Marlboro from USA give us a Cancer when Gold Flake from India is equally competitive? Let’s be good to our nations and let’s die in a more Indian way!

7- Toothpaste

If there was a choice to not brush our teeth and still smell good to people who would even do it? Brushing is nothing but an obligation so how does it matter if an Indian Dant Kranti makes you acceptable to people or Colgate from the US. It’s anyhow an obligation we hate!

8- Soaps

Ayurvedic soaps like Medimix from India perform much better than Dove from Netherlands when it comes to getting rid of those germs. Just because Dove looks prettier it doesn’t mean it’s a champion!

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