Interesting Side Characters We Really Need To See More Of

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Have you ever like side characters more than the lead? I know I have. But the downside of doing that is not being able to see more of these interesting characters because they’re often left unexplored. Here are a few of such interesting fictional characters we definitely wanted to see more of.

1. The Howling Commandos. Captain America: The First Avenger. 
Before Captain America, aka Steve Rogers was an Avenger, he was a member of The Howling Commandos who undertook various covert missions against Hydra during WWII. We never really got to see more of these badass side characters and what they did they lost Bucky Barnes and Cap’ got frozen.
2. Skinny Pete. Breaking Bad.
Skinny Pete was an interesting side character in the Breaking Bad series. He was a drug dealer who collaborated with Jesse Pinkman but we all know he’s more than that. He’d proven to be a smooth talker and could play the piano very well. What was he he doing before he met Jesse? We’d all have loved to see more of his past.
3. Ho Yinsen. Iron Man.
Yinsen was the only source of hope for Tony while he was captured by a terrorist organization and forced to build missiles for them. Yinsen was one of the most interesting side characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who was fluent in a number of languages, was good at surgery and was smart enough to follow the instructions of a genius like Tony Stark to help him build the first Iron man suit. We’d love to see more about his past and how ended up as a hostage.
4. Mrs Hudson. Sherlock.
You can’t argue with the fact that the charming old lady is more that just Sherlock’s landlady. She is the widow of a drug dealer, was an exotic dancer back in the days and drives an Aston Martin. She is definitely one of the most unexplored side characters in the whole series we’d have loved to see more of.
5. Captain Phasma. Star Wars. 
Side characters are often underused and thrown away which was 5 the case with Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens. A woman rising to the ranks of Storm Trooper Captain in a male-dominated First Order is quite an impressive feat and we’d have loved to see more of her.
6. Lyanna Mormont. Game Of Thrones. 
She is a frowny ten year old girl. She leads her own clan. Lyanna is one of the weirdest side characters in Game Of Thrones. 
7. Anamaria. Pirates Of The Caribbean.
She is a pirate who knew Jack way before the events of the first Pirates Of The Caribbean took place. She even disguises herself as a man to join Jack’s crew and later takes control of the Black Pearl. We’d have loved to see more of such interesting side characters but unfortunately, she was never featured after the first film.
8. Edna Mode. The Incredibles.
Id personally pay too see more of her in a standalone movie in which she’s designing and criticizing super heroes’ costumes and their sense of fashion.
9. Maz Kanata. Star Wars. 
Star Wars has a tine of super interesting and mysterious side characters we still know very less about. Maz is a pirate who has lived for over a thousand years. Who knows how many more mysteries lie in her past?
10. Slipknot. Suicide Squad. 
Just like captain Phasma, Slipknot was one of the most wasted side characters who died almost instantly in the movie. What we’d like to know is that how does a guy who’s special ability is being good with ropes become one of the most dangerous criminal in the world. Sadly, this will never be explored.
11. Unknown Wizard. Harry Potter. 
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban featured a super mysterious wizard who was seen using wandless magic. Furthermore, he was reading a book by the late Stephen Hawking. Who is this guy? What more is he capable of? उस he fusing science and wizardry? So many questions!
12. Berta. 2 And A Half Men. 
Berta is almost always telling Alan and Charlie anecdotes about her past life. Let’s bring the series back with her spin off show!
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