Pakistani Bride Died On First Night As Husband Used Iron Bars & Raped Her. End Of Humanity?

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The societies of India and Pakistan have a lot in common and crime against women is one of those common things. We Indians just can’t forget what happened with Nirbhaya and the most shameful fact is that such incidents are still taking place. If you remember, something of the same sort happened with a 15-yr Haryana girl recently.

Pakistan also doesn’t seem to be very safe for women and the main reason for the happening of such incidents is that parents of both the countries don’t prefer to talk and educate their kids about physical intimacy or sexual intercourse.

Fatima Sheerin, a Pakistani Twitter user and a doctor by profession, shared a story which will give you goosebumps and leave you speechless, thinking and confused as to why we humans have started turning into monsters.

This is what she tweeted:

However, when a Twitter user asked Fatima about legal proceedings and whether the cruel pervert was arrested by police, Fatima said that he might have been pardoned as the bride’s father was already thinking of forgiving him because he is in relation.

This was just too much for Twitterati to cope up with and they expressed their anguish, sorrow, pain and fury through their tweets:

No words:

It’s awful!


Rightly said:


Ye to ladka hai..

Teach humanity first:

Angry user:


RIP humanity!

He should be hanged on road:



This is indeed an inhuman act and the culprit must be given such a punishment that becomes a lesson for others.



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