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Koi Mil Gaya is one of the most loved and watched movies in the history of Indian cinema. Many film critics and pundits believe that it is Hrithik Roshan’s best ever performance till date. Koi Mil Gaya is widely regarded as a movie for masses which was enjoyed by people of all ages. From kids, who loved watching ‘Jadoo’ the alien, to parents and grandparents who were touched by Rekha’s strong and stellar performance, everybody who watched the movie became a fan of it.


Although, it was a movie in which Hrithik gave a brilliant performance and his father Rakesh Roshan directed, arguably, the best movie of his career, but Koi Mil Gaya will always be remembered for Jadoo. It was the first time that Indian film audience was introduced to the idea of humans befriending aliens, and that too in the most elegant and professional manner.

For those who don’t know (although, we don’t believe such people exist in India), Hrithik played the role of a mentally challenged boy, Rohit. Jaado was an alien who came to earth with his friends but couldn’t go back. The first man he met on earth was Rohit, who became his friend and took care of him until he was sent to his own planet. Jadoo also gave super powers to Rohit and made a much stronger and intelligent than any other person of his age.

Now, do you know who played the role of Jaado? Who was the man behind that adorable little creature who won our hearts and made us smile and cry at the same time? Well, we have the answer.

The character of Jadoo was played by actor Indravadhan Purohit. This was kept as a secret for around 11 years. But, it was revealed later.



Indravadhan Purohit passed away on 28th September 2014. It was after 11 years since the film’s release, that pictures revealing the face of the man who played the alien ‘Jadoo’ came into the lime-light. Indravadan Purohit who played the role of ‘Jadoo’ in the film was always kept a secret by director Rakesh Roshan.


Indravadhan was last seen in SAB TV’s popular show Baal Veer where he played the role of Dooba Dooba 2.

You all always have a very special place in our hearts, Jadoo.

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