This Pervert Grabbed A Girl’s Breasts And Butts, She Taught Him A Lesson He’d Never Forget

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Women safety in India has become a big question now. Women getting abused or harassed openly is an everyday story now. Incidents like rapes of women ranging from infants to oldies, has shaken our believe from humanity.

A few days before, people were having this Holi fever, girls from all around the country faces a lot of harassment in the name of Holi. From throwing semen filled balloons on the young girls to touching girls inappropriately to grabbing the private parts of girls, some pervert living in our society, leaves no stone unturned to make the life of a women hell.

While many women prefers to ignore such humiliation, others make sure to teach these perverts a lesson they will never forget.

Recently, an incident happened with a resident of Goa, Subhashani, who choose to stand against the pervert and teach him a lifetime lesson.

Beware of this guy and his friends. I can still feel his hand, it hurts on my right breast and my right arm hurts but…

Posted by Subhashani Vinimay on Saturday, March 3, 2018


While Subhashani was strolling in Goa, a pervert came there and grabbed the breasts and butt. The girl was alone but she made sure that she was enough to teach that jerk a lesson and prove that she is no less any hero.

The girl punched the guy left and right and she beat the shit out of him, she didn’t spare his private parts as well. The guy to escape from her hands, started pleading and begging to leave him and even started calling her as “sister”.

The girl took to Facebook to share this incident with the world. Her post read:


“Beware of this guy. I can still feel his hand, it hurts on my right breast and my right arm hurts but that I don’t mind because I really gave it back to him.
At around 9:15 pm last night, me and a friend were walking from Oshoanic towards Sea Horse. Quite close to the shoreline as we just about crossed Laughing Buddha, I noticed 3 men heading our way and they were acting funny. From my experience, I already knew what might happen and so I just pulled my friend slightly out of the way. 2 of the guys quickly changed path and as they came next to me, one of them brushed his hand against my thigh, quickly grabbed my right butt and as I turned he grabbed my breast and started running.
Within seconds I started running after him. His friends abandoned him and ran towards the parking lot while he kept running on the beach. I was a bit slow as I had a heavy bag with me but my eyes were locked on him and I was shouting both in English and Hindi for people to stop him. He decided to mix amongst people and sat on the beach pretending to enjoy the waves. As he saw me approach him, he knew that I recognize him, he started running again. I was running and shouting to people to stop him. A few fishermen and people on the beach ran and got hold of him. We caught him near Pacha.
Yes, I beat him up and so did the others. He said he’s from Karnataka. As I slapped and punched him, he started apologizing and had the nerve to call me sister. That made me cringe even more and I used my knee twice and punched a few times on his penis and balls. He was hurting. My friend took his picture. One of his excuses was that he was drunk. But no, he was not drunk and for me, that is no excuse. The locals also hit him and told him that he made a mistake by doing this in Arambol.
Later I met another lady who saw the picture of this man and she said that the same guy misbehaved with her on Holi. I am happy for what I did. I have a sore arm, lost one of my contact lenses. I don’t enjoy hitting people as I have done that enough in Delhi so I avoid but sometimes it’s the only way. And please do not ask me to let go and forgive. In that moment all the times that I have experienced sexual abuse in my life came back and I could feel all the hands on my body at the same time. Men like him are giving a bad name to the men in my country. This is not Indian culture, for that matter, it shouldn’t be any culture. Ladies, start raising an alarm, don’t be scared to call out such men.”

Well, this girl is a hero. She definitely taught that jerk a great lesson. This is the way perverts should be treated.

More power to you girl.

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